Bralettes have recently become very popular. It is not surprising as we live an active life and expect both our clothes and underwear to keep up with us. They should therefore be comfortable and enable us to freely perform all activities of the day. The great advantage of modern underwear is the combination of aesthetics, quality of workmanship and comfort, thanks to which we do not have to give up one aspect for the other.

What are bralettes?

Bralette - the name of the bra comes from the French language and means a type of top-like bra made of triangles. Often this type of bra is sewn from soft lace, however the wide range of available models does not limit the choice to only this version. Such a bra usually does not have any stiffening, whalebones, thermally formed cups or inserts lifting and enlarging the breasts. Thanks to this it adapts completely to the breasts, giving the feeling of a kind of second skin. The only element supporting the breasts in such a bra is its carrying strap, which most often is an elastic element in the form of a decorative elastic band or delicate elastic lace. Bralette bras are a common choice for women because they come in a wide range of designs and colours. Bralette bras are characterized by comfort of wearing and perfect fitting to the body and clothes.

Bralette bras - types

Design possibilities which are created by simple construction of such bra are really wide. That is why since the moment bralette bras appeared among women clothing, many types of them were created. Thanks to this each lady has an opportunity to adjust it to particular styling and occasion. Below we present several possibilities.

    Classic bralette with wide belt entirely made of soft lace, which can be successfully treated as a top, wearing it under airy blouse, shirt or oversize jumper with big neckline.
    The cotton or microfibre bra with sporty accents will work well not only as underwear, but also as a gym outfit.
    Seamless version, made of soft microfibre, is certainly the most comfortable type of bralette bras.

Bralette bras - comfortable minimalism

Bralette bras are the answer to dynamic lifestyle of a modern woman. Regardless of the circumstances or the type of clothes worn, bralette is always well-fitted, and what is most important, it leaves full freedom of movement. This type of bra perfectly fits in with the current trends emphasizing naturalness, as it is usually made of skin- and environment-friendly material and contains delicate elements which support the cups. It does not pinch at all, and at the same time performs its function of supporting the bust. Such an element of lingerie works perfectly regardless of age, figure type or size of the classic bra. Not only does it collect and support the bust without causing unnecessary discomfort, but it is also a decoration in itself. Thus it has all the features which should be followed when looking for such an important element of a woman's wardrobe.

Why is it worth ordering a bralette at

We have been offering a wide range of high quality lingerie for many years. Thanks to this we have gained valuable experience in working with customers, and our company is constantly developing thanks to comments and suggestions concerning the appropriate selection of models and sizes. Today we can boast a wide range of regular customers. We are aware that the selection of an appropriate bra should be as personalised as possible. Therefore, we make sure that the choice of a bra ensuring comfort, perfect fit to clothing and aesthetic appearance is easy and pleasant. We make every effort to ensure that each lady finds her dream lingerie in our shop and is pleasantly surprised by its availability, as well as fast delivery of the order.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of bralettes in our online shop. We will also be happy to answer your questions and dispel any doubts.

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