Sports bra - what type to choose


The awareness of women in choosing the right sports underwear is growing year by year. We know very well that exercise and physical activity is essential for us to function healthily. The old saying goes: "Sport is health" and this cannot be denied, only one but appears.... Badly "protected" breasts during exercise can cause us pain. The selection of an appropriate sports bra is the most important for women during training. Properly supported breasts do not bump against each other, do not stretch, they also relieve the spine. Many of us find that a sports bra gives such a feeling of comfort that we also choose it for everyday use. Depending on the intensity of your exercise there are sports bras to suit your activity level, let's check which type you should choose:
Sports bras for yoga or pilates - light bust support

This type of bra is characterised by extreme lightness, the "breathable" fabric keeps the skin pleasantly dry. Seamless cups, made in thermal technology - spacer cup, wrap around the bust providing support and comfort during the session. Despite its lightness, the bra provides stabilisation, and the reduced elasticity of the straps relieves strain on the vertebrae. Sports underwear sewn from lightweight materials is so pleasant to the body and comfortable that many women choose it for work or walking. Particularly recommended models:

Anita Light & Firm 5521 -> multifunctional moisture-wicking microfiber, bust support tape, seamless pleasant cups

Triaction by Triumph -> wide range of light and medium built models in functional fabrics, ensuring air circulation and ideal bust support, collection full of colours and prints

Sports bras for running and the gym

Need more support for your bust and spine during intense physical activity, choose a sports bra with reduced elasticity, proper strap construction, with side and centre reinforcements for bust support. All available sports bras in our online lingerie shop are made of breathable and sweat-wicking materials. When jumping or running, our breasts should not move, let alone jump up and down with us. Inappropriate choice of underwear for exercise results in pain in the neck and shoulder blades, as well as damage to the bust - its stretching. Our favourites among running bras are:

Anita Performance 5566 -> sewn from functional piqué fabric , knitted on the outside for high air circulation and moisture wicking.

Anita Air Control 5544 -> double foam cups creating an airy top, ISPO AWARD-winning model with a gold medal for the best sports products

Anita DynamiX Star X-Back 5537 -> X-shaped shoulder straps provide firm support, wide open back for easy removal, "breathable pique fabric
Sports tops for bigger busts and intense exercise

A fuller bust needs to be well "protected" during sports, and the strain on the vertebrae needs to be relieved. Many women with large breasts complain that their size simply gets in the way when they exercise. Every woman's silhouette as well as her breasts can take up the challenge of intensive exercise, we only need to remember about proper bust support, and then nothing will stand in our way. The following sports bras took the podium in the best fitting to large breasts and hard training:

Anita Momentum 5529 -> reduces bust movement to a minimum, wide straps with reduced elasticity, combination of two fabrics for comfort and moisture wicking

Anita Extreme Control 5527 -> the cups are lined with a seamless, pleasant terry fabric, which gives additional protection to the bust, a delicate and flat band to support the bust - no feeling of pressure