On underwear-online-shop.com a wide selection of one-piece swimsuits is available all year round. In particular we recommend one-piece swimsuits of such companies as Triumph, Sloggi, Esprit, Anita, Naturana, Gisela. In the offer you will find one-piece swimming costumes with the most fashionable patterns of the season and body-modelling one-piece swimming costumes. underwear-online-shop.com also cares for Senior Women offering them a wide choice of one-piece swimsuits with a properly built-up construction, with wider straps. Among one-piece swimming costumes there are models with detachable shoulder straps, as well as tied up at the neck. Each one-piece swimsuit is made of the best materials, quick-drying and resistant to UV radiation and sea and chlorinated water. The swimwear available on underwear-online-shop.com is a guarantee of the best purchase and satisfaction. Always available on the website current swimwear sales.

Comfort and attractive appearance can go hand in hand if we choose one-piece swimsuits of fashionable design. These can be found on underwear-online-shop.com. All models available in the offer of our online shop come from brands valued in the lingerie industry, such as Naturana, Triumph and Dorina. It is a proposition of comfort and at the same time a way of effective beach styling. High-quality one-piece swimsuits will enhance your figure, hiding your imperfections and emphasising your assets.

Trendy one-piece swimsuits - stylish summer at your fingertips

A one-piece swimsuit is a comfortable alternative to a skimpy bikini. In the wide assortment of underwear-online-shop.com shop only exceptional models are waiting. Among them you will find both one-piece swimsuits of classic design, which never go out of fashion, as well as colourful, decorated with floral or geometric motifs. We offer swimsuits with neck ties, removable or adjustable shoulder straps and much more. Trendy one-piece swimsuits enriched with modelling mesh will slim your tummy effectively. The moulded, padded cups will emphasise your cleavage in a fantastic way. Our online shop offers only high quality models, which guarantee full comfort. The prices of our swimsuits are also very attractive. One-piece swimsuits on underwear-online-shop.com are a wealth of cuts and colours. You can find designs with cut-out backs and deep necklines, one-coloured, covered with stripes or flowers. Our offer will surely meet the expectations of every woman.

Pastunette C0222-108-4, Colour: granatowy, Size: 46 underwear-online-shop.com
Save 28%
319.90 PLN 229.90 PLN
BrandPastunette Colourgranatowy Size46
Naturana 73307, Colour: multicoloured, Size: 38B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 30%
229.90 PLN 159.90 PLN
BrandNaturana Colourmulticoloured Size38B
Streams of Pearls OP, Colour: black, Size: 52C underwear-online-shop.com
Save 39%
279.90 PLN 169.90 PLN
BrandTriumph Colourblack Size52C
Tilly 7806, Colour: black, Size: 38D underwear-online-shop.com
Save 54%
219.00 PLN 99.90 PLN
BrandAnita Colourblack Size38D
Pop-Art Flair OPU, Colour: coral, Size: 38D underwear-online-shop.com
Save 47%
299.90 PLN 159.90 PLN
BrandTriumph Colourcoral Size38D
Naturana 73232, Colour: multicoloured, Size: 38C underwear-online-shop.com
Save 29%
209.90 PLN 149.90 PLN
BrandNaturana Colourmulticoloured Size38C
Waves of Light OW, Colour: granatowy, Size: 36C underwear-online-shop.com
Save 61%
329.90 PLN 129.90 PLN
BrandTriumph Colourgranatowy Size36C
Waves of Light OP, Colour: navy blue with white and pink, Size: 36C underwear-online-shop.com
Save 45%
329.90 PLN 179.90 PLN
BrandTriumph Colournavy blue with white and pink Size36C
Riad Paisley OP 02, Colour: ciemny niebieski, Size: 48B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 43%
349.90 PLN 199.90 PLN
BrandTriumph Colourciemny niebieski Size48B
Sunbeam Lines OP, Colour: multicoloured, Size: 40D underwear-online-shop.com
Save 30%
269.90 PLN 189.90 PLN
BrandTriumph Colourmulticoloured Size40D
Naturana 73239, Colour: black, brown, yellow, Size: 36 underwear-online-shop.com
Save 27%
149.90 PLN 109.90 PLN
BrandNaturana Colourblack, brown, yellow Size36
Naturana 73240, Colour: multicoloured, Size: 36B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 27%
149.90 PLN 109.90 PLN
BrandNaturana Colourmulticoloured Size36B
69.90 PLN
BrandDorina Colourmulticoloured SizeS
189.90 PLN
BrandDorina Colourmulticoloured SizeS
Naturana 73182, Colour: black with colour insert, Size: 38B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 33%
149.90 PLN 99.90 PLN
BrandNaturana Colourblack with colour insert Size38B
Streams of Pearls O, Colour: black, Size: 36B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 64%
329.90 PLN 119.90 PLN
BrandTriumph Colourblack Size36B
Delicate Flowers O, Colour: olive, Size: 36B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 64%
279.90 PLN 99.90 PLN
BrandTriumph Colourolive Size36B
Gisela 3-3087, Colour: intense raspberry pink, Size: 70B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 55%
219.90 PLN 99.90 PLN
BrandGisela Colourintense raspberry pink Size70B
Anita Coco Suit 7829, Colour: olive green with spots, Size: 38B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 67%
449.00 PLN 149.90 PLN
BrandAnita Colourolive green with spots Size38B
Lou 7899, Colour: black, Size: 36B underwear-online-shop.com
Save 44%
269.00 PLN 149.90 PLN
BrandAnita Colourblack Size36B
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